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Education and Opportunity

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October 29, 2019 Press Release
This is truly a tale of two cities. While an organization that brings in more than $1 billion a year hosts a board meeting in a corporate suite in Atlanta, more than 500,000 student-athletes will today give their all at practices, classes, workouts or games, sacrificing their bodies and minds to further the NCAA’s financial desires. Lawmakers across the country are watching closely, but not holding our breath.
October 29, 2019 Press Release
For too long, the United States has turned a blind eye to growing exploitation by nations like China to use our academic institutions as a method to steal sensitive and valuable information and technologies. We have a duty to protect American intellectual property.
October 20, 2019 Press Release
Guilford County Schools was recently awarded $500,000 and Rockingham County Schools was awarded $500,097 from the School Violence Prevention Program, created by the STOP School Violence Act, passed by the House in March 2018 with the help of Walker. "It’s of the utmost importance our children feel safe while learning, and that our communities and law enforcement officials are empowered with resources to keep our schools secure."
September 30, 2019 Press Release
For far too long, the NCAA has arbitrarily set a sham definition of amateurism to strip college athletes of the rights to their own names and self-worth, only promising to create do-nothing commissions when others highlight their exploitation. I am thankful the Governor of California has signed legislation that will lead to breaking down this monopoly. With only a short time until the law takes effect, it is imperative that the House Ways and Means Committee begins to review and advance my Student-Athlete Equity Act.
June 5, 2019 Press Release
Our North Carolina teachers and administrators have a tough job, one that is made harder by mandates from Washington that stymie opportunities for student growth. My A-PLUS Act will empower teachers and parents to ensure every child has access to a quality education, while lowering administrative burdens and allowing schools to focus on and invest in their most urgent needs – whether infrastructure, supplies or teachers.
May 14, 2019 Press Release
I am thankful the NCAA has created a working group to examine my Student-Athlete Equity Act and how it will empower college athletes with free-market opportunities. While this is encouraging, the NCAA has claimed to study this issue for years. Now they need to act to fix the injustices in their model, protect athletes and save the college sports we love.
May 2, 2019 Press Release
HBCUs are an integral part of America’s higher education system and have had a profound impact on North Carolina, including my own family, opening the door to my wife Kelly’s success as a nurse practitioner. I am proud to help lead this effort and continue building on our success advocating for minority-serving institutions by expanding our commitment to HBCUs and the nearly 300,000 students they serve.
March 14, 2019 Press Release
Signing an athletic scholarship with a school should not be a moratorium on your rights to your name, image, and self-worth. It’s time to bring equity to student-athletes and fix the injustices that exist in the current NCAA model. After nearly two years of discussions with players and leaders, we are introducing legislation that won’t cost the NCAA or our schools a single dollar, while empowering college athletes with the same opportunities that every American should have in a free-market.
March 13, 2019 Press Release
“That’s what it comes down to for Walker: a basic right. ‘We’re not asking the NCAA or a university to pay a single dollar to any student athlete at any point in time,’ he says. ‘The only thing we’re doing is to remove the ban. When they have to sign over and put a moratorium on their likeness and image, we think that’s un-American.'"
March 11, 2019 Press Release
The American story is a history of second chances. From prison to prosperity, we must continue to restore families, heal communities, and help people find redemption. Second Chance Month will promote these opportunities and honor the nonprofit organizations and employers who are empowering individuals with life change.