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Latest News

November 13, 2019 Press Release
You are cordially invited to a special Prison to Prosperity Conversation to discuss how we can achieve better outcomes for justice-involved Americans.
November 8, 2019 Press Release
I am proud of our work and commitment to closing the digital divide in North Carolina. Access to high-speed broadband brings new prosperity to our rural areas and extends limitless opportunities for our entrepreneurs, farmers, students and health care professionals. This grant program will foster new connectivity for nearly 8,750 households in North Carolina and continue our hard-fought progress to break through a new digital frontier.
October 31, 2019 Press Release
After launching a sham impeachment by impetuous fiat, with a preordained result of removing the President of the United States and overturning an election, Speaker Pelosi handed the reins over to Adam Schiff, allowing him to serve as a basement-dwelling judge, jury and executioner. Now, House Democrats, in an admission of their tainted and secretive impeachment process, are trying to retroactively legalize their injustices and hysterics.
October 29, 2019 Press Release
Now, we need to have their action. While their words are promising, they have used words in the past to deny equity and basic constitutional rights for student-athletes. The NCAA is on the clock, and while they are, we’re going to keep working towards the passage of the Student-Athlete Equity Act to make sure their words are forced into action.
October 29, 2019 Press Release
This is truly a tale of two cities. While an organization that brings in more than $1 billion a year hosts a board meeting in a corporate suite in Atlanta, more than 500,000 student-athletes will today give their all at practices, classes, workouts or games, sacrificing their bodies and minds to further the NCAA’s financial desires. Lawmakers across the country are watching closely, but not holding our breath.
October 29, 2019 Press Release
For too long, the United States has turned a blind eye to growing exploitation by nations like China to use our academic institutions as a method to steal sensitive and valuable information and technologies. We have a duty to protect American intellectual property.
October 28, 2019 Press Release
While much more needs to be done to combat this activity, I am proud that today’s hearing can highlight the important work that is ongoing across North Carolina. Several State laws have been enacted, including the permanent creation of the Human Trafficking Commission, which is working with the State Bureau of Investigation to develop state-wide training programs and best practices for law enforcement.
October 28, 2019 Press Release
“My heart goes out to Chip Hagan and the entire Hagan family in the passing of Kay. Sen. Hagan was dedicated to serving North Carolinians and especially to the men and women of the Armed Forces in America’s most military-friendly state. Chip has exemplified the devotion, love and care that every husband should aspire to.”
October 25, 2019 Press Release
Coach Miller is the servant-leader I pray every community has. His passion to transform the lives of today’s youth is an inspiration to us all. He shows up and leads by example with his time, talent and treasure. Coach Miller, I cannot thank you enough for your service and sacrifice.
October 24, 2019 Press Release
Though I am proud of the success we have had in combatting human trafficking, we must do more to ensure that this moral injustice ends and that perpetrators see prosecution. I am looking forward to building on our progress in combatting human trafficking with this field hearing to support law enforcement and survivors in North Carolina and across the country.


In The News

July 14, 2015 In The News

With the U.S. House narrowly passing a bill to reauthorize No Child Left Behind last week, the Senate is expected to finish its debate on it this week. 

June 4, 2015 In The News

The Export Import Bank is a taxpayer-backed lending institution chartered to support foreign purchases of domestic products, and it is set to expire at the end of the month.


Photo Galleries

June 16, 2015 Photo Gallery

Various photos of Rep. Walker in Washington, DC during his first six months in office.

April 2, 2015 Photo Gallery
Photos of Rep. Walker's NC-06 Listening Tour that included stops in all ten counties in North Carolina’s Sixth District within his first 100 days in office.



January 4, 2016 Video

Here's a quick review of Representative Mark Walker's first year in Congress. Let's continue to make a difference in 2016!