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Back to Reality

October 21, 2015
Blog Post
Cutting the Size and Scope of the Federal Governmnet

In the 1985 science fiction film Back to the Future, Marty McFly accomplishes the impossible of time travel. Marty begins in his present year, 1985, during what we remember as a time our nation found new wealth and prosperity under the policies of Ronald Reagan. He travels to 1955 to a decade of growth and progress following World War II under Dwight Eisenhower. Then he travels to October 21, 2015 to what appears to be a year of productivity and advanced technology.

The problem: Marty McFly’s 2015 is fiction.

In the real 2015, the federal government has become too big and its reach too far. The national debt has surpassed $18 trillion. Entitlement spending is unsustainable and most Americans will likely never live to see a return on their investment. Washington politicians create projects that simply cannot compete with the innovations of the private sector. Excessive regulations are crippling businesses large and small. Entrepreneurialism has been replaced with government programs. The American Dream has become a page out of a history book.

It’s time to get Back to Reality. The government is too big, costs too much, and can’t compete. In too many cases, it’s simply behind the times. It’s time for Washington to spend tax dollars wisely and own up when the private sector can do it better.

That’s why this week, Back to Reality Week, Congressman Walker will introduce a series of initiatives that will bring light to these issues. The goal is to cut the size and scope of the federal government, work to improve the government’s efficiency, and restore the American Dream.

Monday, October 19th

Congressman Walker joins the Yellow Pages Caucus, a group that believes if the private sector can provide certain goods and services to the government and the American people, then the government should move out of the way.

Did you know that over 850,000 federal employee positions (outside of the Postal Service and military) are determined commercial in nature and could potentially be done by the private sector?

Tuesday, October 20th

Congressman Walker cosponsors legislation protecting private sector jobs by allowing them to print government credentials instead of the Government Publishing Office (GPO). American businesses traditionally provided this service until the GPO took control in an effort to maintain its relevance in our new paperless society.

Read the press release.

Wednesday, October 21st

Seniors deserve the upmost respect and care. Nursing homes and senior care facilities that fail to provide quality care should be ineligible for taxpayer-insured loans. Our bill, the Nursing Home Accountability Act, links ratings with federal loan eligibility to ensure our parents and loved ones are protected.

Watch the FOX 8 WGHP news coverage of the Nursing Home Accountability Act.