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WALKER: Democrats Are Trying To Defund the Police. Republicans Are Trying To Defund Global Terrorism.

June 9, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.- U.S. Representative Mark Walker (R-N.C.) joined Rob Schmitt and Jillian Mele on Fox and Friends First this morning to discuss the Republican Study Committee’s new proposed Iran sanctions package, which will be unveiled this week.

These powerful efforts would enact the strongest sanctions ever on the rogue regime, applying maximum pressure through bankrupting the nation and crippling its global terrorism enterprise. 

Through these efforts, it’s clear: While many Democrats are focused on defunding our police officers, Republicans are focused on defunding global terrorism.

You can watch Walker's interview here or read the interview transcript below:

MELE: Well this week congressional Republicans are set to unveil historic sanctions against Iran. There are more than 140 initiatives aimed to dismantle Tehran's global terrorism enterprise, as a UN watchdog warns they're still defying the 2015 nuclear deal.

SCHMITT: It's just part of a package working to counter rogue regimes around the globe including Russia and China as well. Joining us to discuss what to expect is the founder of the Republican Study Committee, Congressman Mark Walker. Sir, thanks for coming on today. A big move here in foreign policy for congressional Republicans. Tell us the plan.

WALKER: Yeah, we think after Iran has been responsible for more than 600 deaths of men and women from the United States, specifically our military, it was time to get serious about this. As the Ranking Member on Intelligence and Counterterrorism Subcommittee, we have been noticing that a lot of the cash that was sent under the Obama Administration of 1.7 billion dollars has gone to terrorist organizations that are supporting Hezbollah and some of this is being funneled through Iran and it's time to get serious about these sanctions. 

MELE: So some of the specifics in the proposal here, we'll bring it up, this ends the two-year Iran-Iraq electricity deal, requires consent from House and Senate for administration to lift sanctions, sanctions Iraqi militia group responsible for attacking U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, and ends all U.S. military aid to Lebanon. Sir, what do you think the chances are that this is bipartisan? 

WALKER: Well we think there are people like Representative Engel, Menendez, and others, Deutch, would support this. They've been tough and have come out publicly against Iran. But right now, while many House Democrats are focused on defunding our police officers, Republicans are focused on defunding international terrorism. That's the focus and I hope that we can get a bipartisan effort in doing something that I believe would be beneficial to our country and protecting us in the days ahead. 

SCHMITT: As we take a look at here at the broad-strokes the Trump Administration has been working on Iran for a while. They've been very tough on Iran, including pulling out of the JCPOA, killing General Soleimani was a big deal as well. There's also the importance here, you guys say, of removing policies that have kept the Iran Nuclear Deal, which the administration pulled out of, have kept that on life-support. Tell us about that. 

WALKER: Yes, there are waivers that have come from the State Department that have allowed different entities, if you will, to keep some threads of that nuclear deal moving forward, not to the full speed that has been in the past. We are going full speed into this to make sure that there is no connection, there's no tributary that this can remain on any kind of support there moving forward. We're going to shut it down completely and I think that's quite simple. I think the American people, Republicans, Democrats are behind getting rid of doing our best that we can cut all strings when it comes to the world's leader in state-sponsored terrorism.