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Walker: Why I Voted for Speaker Boehner

January 6, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Shortly after being inaugurated as the new Congressman from North Carolina’s 6th District, Congressman Mark Walker voted to re-elect Speaker John Boehner.

“This was a difficult vote as I share the frustrations expressed by many of my constituents, but I cast my vote today with a sense of optimism,” said Walker.  “Today, the focus needs to be on Republicans re-taking the Senate and the American people’s rejection of President Obama’s go-it-alone style.  As a Congress, we are ready to pass sound, pro-growth legislation – many bills with bipartisan support – that will help our struggling economy.  A change in House leadership, at this time and in this way, would have detracted from our conservative message.

“I plan to keep the Speaker, and the whole House leadership team, accountable – to encourage them to pass conservative legislation and not buckle under pressure from the White House or Senate.  When I believe legislation is not in the best interests of the 6th District of North Carolina and the American people, I will have no problems voting against leadership.”

“Finally, with respect to the other candidates for Speaker, I do not believe they possess the record of leadership and accomplishment necessary to be Speaker of the House.  I cannot just vote for the most conservative candidate when considering a position that is this important to the country.  We need a statesman and a full-vetting process.  The House Republican conference made their selection in November and a last minute attempt to disrupt the process with insufficiently vetted candidates and minimal resolution strategy is not an earnest effort to bring about true change.”